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Vine Street Brewing Co.

Uniting Creativity and Craft: Vine Street Brewing Co.


In an ever-evolving marketing landscape, creating captivating content that not only engages audiences but also showcases a brand's unique personality is essential. This case study explores the collaboration between Sensei Brands, an innovative video production team, and Vine Street Brewing Co., a distinguished craft brewery. Together, they embarked on a creative journey to produce a commercial that not only captured the essence of Vine Street Brewing Co.'s beers but also incorporated nods to Sensei Brands' iconic cartoon character "Maris" and featured the renowned Saxophonist Ernest Melton, creating a truly memorable experience.

The Challenge:

Sensei Brands and Vine Street Brewing Co. faced a dual challenge:

  1. Crafting a Captivating Commercial: The aim was to create a commercial that effectively conveyed Vine Street Brewing Co.'s brand identity, showcased its exceptional beers, and left a lasting impact on viewers. It required a creative approach that stood out amidst the sea of beer advertisements.

  2. Incorporating Nods to Vine Streets' Icons: The challenge was to seamlessly integrate VSB's beloved cartoon character "Maris" and its musical counterpart "The Jazzman" into the commercial while ensuring these elements enhanced the overall storytelling and appeal to the target audience.

Creative Process:

Strategy and Concept Development: Sensei Brands, led by Creative Director BJ Sampson, conducted extensive research into Vine Street Brewing Co.'s brand values, target audience, and the essence of their beers. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, a compelling concept was developed, emphasizing the brewery's dedication to craftsmanship, community, and a passion for great beer.

Incorporating Nods to VSB's Icons: To seamlessly integrate Maris and The Jazzman, Sensei Brands worked closely with Vine Street Brewing Co. to identify key moments in the commercial where these characters could make subtle appearances. Maris, with a head shaped like a tulip glass, was cleverly incorporated into the final scene, providing an engaging visual nod to the brewery's signature glassware. The renowned Saxophonist Ernest Melton brought The Jazzman to life, contributing his exceptional musical talent to the commercial's soundtrack.

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding: Lawrence Jackson, the talented composer, collaborated with BJ Sampson and the Sensei Brands team to develop a script that captured the spirit of Vine Street Brewing Co. The script highlighted the unique qualities of their beers while weaving in a narrative that resonated with the target audience's emotions and desires. The storyboarding process ensured a visually compelling and cohesive commercial that conveyed the brand's story.

Filming and Production: BJ Sampson's visionary direction guided the entire production process. His keen eye for detail and understanding of the brand's vision ensured that each shot reflected the brewery's essence. The commercial's production team, led by Sensei Brands, meticulously captured the craftsmanship, ambiance, and passionate people behind Vine Street Brewing Co.

Creative Direction and Execution:

  1. Visual Storytelling: BJ Sampson's creative direction brought Vine Street Brewing Co.'s story to life, emphasizing the dedication and artistry that goes into every beer. Through evocative visuals, the commercial showcased the brewery's processes, from the selection of ingredients to the brewing techniques, while highlighting Maris and The Jazzman's subtle appearances as delightful Easter eggs for attentive viewers.

  2. Music and Sound Design: Lawrence Jackson's original composition set the mood for the commercial, enhancing the emotional connection with the audience. The music not only complemented the visuals but also incorporated elements of jazz, a nod to The Jazzman and his connection to Vine Street Brewing Co. The sound design captured the sounds of the brewery, immersing viewers in the sensory experience of being at Vine Street Brewing Co. The clinking of glasses, the bubbling of the brewing process, and the ambiance of the brewery all contributed to a rich and immersive audio landscape.

  3. Seamless Integration of Nods and Easter Eggs: BJ Sampson's creative direction ensured that the appearances of Maris and The Jazzman were seamlessly integrated into the commercial. Whether it was Maris subtly popping up in the background or The Jazzman's saxophone solo adding a touch of sophistication to the soundtrack, these nods added an element of fun and familiarity for both Vine Street Brewing Co. and Sensei Brands' loyal fans.

Results and Impact:

  1. Enhanced Brand Identity and Recall: The collaborative efforts of Sensei Brands and Vine Street Brewing Co. resulted in a commercial that authentically captured the brewery's brand identity. The incorporation of Maris and The Jazzman added a unique touch, making the commercial memorable and fostering a stronger connection with the target audience.

  2. Increased Engagement and Interest: The commercial's captivating visuals, paired with Lawrence Jackson's composition and BJ Sampson's creative direction, generated a significant increase in engagement and interest from viewers. The commercial resonated with beer enthusiasts, sparking conversations, and encouraging them to try Vine Street Brewing Co.'s beers.

  3. Strengthened Collaboration and Brand Reputation: The collaboration between Sensei Brands and Vine Street Brewing Co. not only produced an exceptional commercial but also strengthened the relationship between the two brands. The successful execution of the creative vision showcased the expertise and creativity of both teams, enhancing their respective reputations within their industries.

  4. Measurable Impact on Sales and Conversion: The commercial's call to action, "Try a Vine Street Beer," generated a noticeable increase in foot traffic to the brewery and online orders. The commercial effectively translated viewers' interest into tangible sales, demonstrating the commercial's impact on conversion rates.


The collaboration between Sensei Brands and Vine Street Brewing Co. exemplified the power of creativity, storytelling, and seamless integration of brand elements. Through BJ Sampson's creative direction and the expertise of the Sensei Brands team, Maris and The Jazzman were brought to life in a way that added charm, familiarity, and a touch of whimsy to Vine Street Brewing Co.'s commercial. The resulting video successfully conveyed the essence of the brewery, engaged viewers, and ultimately drove sales and brand recognition. This collaborative endeavor stands as a testament to the synergy between creative minds and the transformative impact it can have on a brand's marketing efforts.

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